“In-House Marketing”?

The world’s top companies have in-house marketing departments. Those marketing departments provide different services than those offered by marketing agencies — services that are uniquely focused on ROI and business processes. Services like these:

Marketing Management

Do more with the same marketing budget.

Marketing Automation

From CRM to e-mail marketing to analytics – do more in less time.

Website Audit & Redesign

Turn your website into a lead-generating machine.


Get expertise in knowing what to buy, where, and when.


Make your communications concise and engaging.

Proposal Writing & Design

Move your pitch to the top of the pile.

Hi – my name is Alessandro Corazza. I have over 13 years’ experience in design and marketing in many different roles, managed ad campaigns that have reached hundreds of thousands of people, worked for some of Canada’s largest organizations, and generated 6-figure sales increases. I want to use that knowledge to grow your business.

Many of the strategies and tools I offer are usually reserved for big businesses with in-house marketing departments. I’ve been on that side of the fence, and now I’m making those services available to you.

Think of me as a marketing department that you can work with however and whenever you need. I’m the person actually doing the work, so nothing gets lost in translation. You get the best of both worlds — and you won’t have to hire any new staff.

If you’d like to find out more, contact me for an informal conversation about your marketing needs. Maybe together we can find a marketing solution that’s just right for you.

Let's talk.

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