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Case Studies

Multiple reports from one data source

A local business operates multiple business locations and was generating the same type of report one-by-one for each location. I built a report that automatically compiles individual reports for each location using the client’s raw data, without needing to manually edit any spreadsheets, and then emails it automatically to each location on a weekly schedule.

Send emails with custom data

A client had to send information specific to each of their customers via email, and was writing each email one by one. I implemented a system that automatically pulls data from a spreadsheet and sends every email simultaneously with a single click.

Ecommerce notifications

An ecommerce vendor needed to send documentation to customers who bought a specific product from their store. They were sending a separate email manually when orders for that product came in. I coded their purchase confirmation emails to display custom information and a PDF download link that appears only if that specific product was purchased, making the process completely hands-off.

Client estimates

A company was sending email requests to leads, asking them to submit certain types of information to receive estimates. I replaced this process with an online form that customers can easily use to input data and upload files. Form confirmations are then sent to the estimates department automatically.

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Think of me as your Marketing Manager — a team member who can take marketing tasks off your plate and get things done.


A website is above all else a business tool. It should be fast, provide a good first impression, and convert visitors into leads.

Search Engine Optimization

In a world where “Google” is a verb, you can’t afford to have a website that doesn’t rank well. SEO is challenging but it works.