Be Prepared

We often don’t have a contingency plan in place for something that hasn’t happened to us before – it tends to be top of mind only after we’ve gotten burned. I noticed this last week due to a few different circumstances.

Maybe these guys are onto something.

New Brunswick got hit with quite a bit of freezing rain last Tuesday, which knocked out power to much of the eastern part of the province. Most of the downtown core got power back less than 24 hours later, but my house in the suburbs was without electricity for just shy of 72 hours. Several of our neighbours had generators, and as I heard them humming away I wondered why we don’t. It seems like an obvious thing to have when your home has no backup power or heat source, but it’s one of those things you don’t really prioritize until it’s too late – there’s always something more immediately useful or appealing that takes precedence.

In an unrelated incident, someone asked me last week what they should do if a client’s website got hacked, and my first suggestion was to simply restore the site from a backup to get rid of whatever malicious files or code were in there. But that, of course, only works if you actually have a backup to restore. I got into that habit years ago when the absence of a backup resulted in a ton of extra work on a project. I now religiously back everything up in at least 2 geographically-separate locations.

I’ll be getting a generator when stocks have replenished later this year, but in the meantime this was a good wake-up call, a reminder to have a fallback plan whenever possible – ideally before you need it!