Bending the Truth

Cereal is my breakfast food of choice. I usually buy it at Costco, and last time we were there I happened to buy a box of “Vector” cereal “meal replacement”. The front of the box advertises the fact that it contains 13 grams of protein per serving, and I wondered as the box was in my cart whether they had sneakily included the protein from the milk (after all, it is the “suggested serving”).

Here’s the front of the box:

2014-05-12 08.37.30

And sure enough, on the back:

2014-05-12 08.37.40


More than half the advertised amount of protein actually comes from the milk – you could get nearly as much protein with any other type of cereal (or you could just drink 200 mL of milk!).

Did Kellogg’s lie about the amount of protein in a bowl of Vector? Not really, but you could make a case for it. It is an honest representation of their product? That’s debatable. Do I like the way they sold it? No.