Being the Center of the Universe

I was helping a friend with his business website on Sunday; he uses Shopify for ecommerce but wants to move to WordPress for his CMS mostly because of the excellent WPML plugin for multilingual websites (affiliate link, but I would recommend it for free). While adding his content I was momentarily shocked to discover that Shopify doesn’t make a WordPress plugin.

“What! But WordPress is just so… big! How could they not have a plugin for it?”

Well, there are probably some selfish reasons (keeping a closed-loop system) but really, why would they have to? I’ve grown so used to working with WordPress that I assume there’s a plugin for everything. It’s like the surprise of not finding “an app for that”.

I got a bit too comfortable with that ease of finding whatever I need just a click away. WordPress won’t be around forever. The technological landscape is always changing, and this was a good reminder of how easy it is for us to get stuck in our ways. As much as I try to keep an open, curious mind, it’s easy to slip into my comfort zone. Lesson learned…