Goodbye Cable

We’re now about four months into our Cable-less life (and home-phone-less for that matter), and I regret not doing it earlier. The pros massively outweigh the cons.

The Bad

  • It’s hard to find sources for certain “non-series” shows (like cooking or travel shows, for example). Anything produced in Quebec (other than by Radio-Canada) is also nearly impossible to find in anything other than terrible streaming quality.
  • I don’t watch sports, but for those who do, losing sports channels is a major drawback of cutting the cord.

The Good

  • Reducing cable clutter – ditching the PVR really clears up your TV unit, especially if you move to a dongle like the Chromecast. We went from a mess of wires to a single HDMI input.
  • You can now install a TV anywhere you like, regardless of that wall having a Coax jack or not. All you need is a power socket.
  • Fewer remotes floating around.

The Fantastic

  • Saving $100 a month.
  • No more telemarketer calls!

We now use two Chromecasts, which make for a very clean, very minimalist setup. I may install a TV antenna to get CBC and CTV for free, but frankly I’m not sure I can handle watching commercials again.

I would be open to buying a few channels à la carte for a few dollars a month, but no one offers that option in Canada (yet). Our telecom dupoly continues to be utterly indifferent to its clients, with prices creeping up and customer service getting ever worse. I’m still paying them for internet, of course, but keeping that $1200 per year in my pocket is a step in the right direction.