Octogenarian Becomes a Social Media Star

Eighty-five year old Grand Forks, N.D. resident Marilyn Hagerty’s review of her local Olive Garden has proven unusually popular. It’s a straightforward review of a well-known chain restaurant so the reasons for its fame are unclear.

What’s so special about it? Why did it go viral? Is it just because the writer is 85 and uppity internet-dwellers are laughing at her naïveté in reviewing such a “mundane” restaurant? Or is it because the review is so refreshingly honest and un-cynical that it’s particularly noteworthy?

Unfortunately I think the answer is the first one, especially going by the news hosts’ condescending demeanor (Oh ho ho, look at this little old lady who’s so impressed with plain old Olive Garden! How cute!). I get the impression that people have been sharing this review because they’re laughing at the uncultured Grand Forkians (Forkites?) who are  just happy to have a new place to eat in town. If it were a sushi restaurant, would the review have been so popular? I doubt it. In this case it looks like people are just being snide.

Here’s the video from the link above: