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If your customers are searching for you, they need to be able to find you.

SEO is an excellent complement to most digital marketing strategies because it reduces your dependence on paid advertising. If your website has good organic rankings for the main keywords in your industry, you will benefit from increased traffic and lead generation.

SEO Services

Technical SEO

The way your website is built has a tremendous impact on its SEO potential. I will analyze everything from the way page templates are coded (including tags and structured data) to page load times, checking for indexing problems, and more.

On-Page SEO

Google places a lot of value on your website’s content when it decides how well it will rank. Title tags and descriptions need to be accurate, internal links need to be optimized, the URL structure needs to be well thought out – and the list goes on.

Competitive Analysis

Which terms are your competitors ranking for? What about you? Are they ranking higher than you? Which of their pages are ranking well? SEO is ultimately a zero-sum game, so you need to know who you’re competing against.

Local SEO

Most businesses I work with rely heavily on “local” searches, like “Moncton Marketing”. Ranking well for those terms depends on a variety of factors, from citations to properly using Google’s suite of tools and sometimes even the creation of purpose-built landing pages.

Website Migration

Redesigning a website is a risky thing from an SEO standpoint, most likely causing page URLs to change and page structures to be revamped. I can make sure your redesign is set up for the smoothest possible transition with minimum negative impact on rankings.

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