Social Shares Impact Google Ranking

It’s been quite a while that we’ve known Google uses social signals (shares, Likes, +1s, etc) as a factor to determine search rankings, and another study seems to confirm this. Out of all the measured factors, social shares had the strongest correlation with high rankings (0.37, on a scale of -1 to 1).

Going down the graph we see the rest of the factors – “normal” backlinks, keywords in the URL, and so on.

I would have liked to see domain age as one of the factors here, but the chart still provides useful data. Some are a bit of a surprise – I wouldn’t have expected image count to have much impact, for example. I’m also wondering what exactly they mean by “word count” – minus 12% is a pretty strong negative impact.

Also, note that this study is already almost a year old, but Google hasn’t released a major update since then, instead continuing to tweak 2011’s Panda update. Most of this data should still be relevant. So get out there and get some Facebook shares!